Bunch of Blogs


I have found ten blogs that serve a special purpose in my life. Please enjoy reviewing some of these and let me know what you think. More importantly, once you grasp what I enjoy reviewing, share some of your favorite blogs with me!

Agricultural Blogs

Texas Agriculture Talks is a forum of ideas and opinions covering all aspects of Texas agriculture from the perspectives of two veteran agricultural journalists on behalf of the Texas Farm Bureau. Gene Hall and Mike Barnett discuss interesting topics and agricultural issues for agricultural producers and consumers.

Texas Agricultural Commissioner Todd Staples

Updated by the Texas Department of Agriculture, this somewhat political, but informative, blog helps connect the public with the current events in the agricultural atmosphere. Whether it is the news in agriculture or videos with Commissioner Staples, I hope this blog keeps me accurately informed.

United States Department of Agriculture

Much like the Texas Department of Agriculture updates the blog, the USDA also maintains a blog for agriculturalists. However, the primary purpose for this blog is broadened to serve the needs, answer questions, and discuss agricultural policies concerning the nation.

Educational Blogs

CNN Schools of Thought blog covers education from a variety of perspectives that include policies, practices and people. This blog offers food for thought in the national conversation on education. It’s edited by Donna Krache, Jamie Gumbrecht and John Martin, with contributions from CNN journalists and those with an interest in education.

Dima Roznouski, Publishing Director in Eastern Europe at Tapjoy, blogs about education in Today I Learned Something New; but not the public school type of education. Instead, he focused on everyday and life-long learning by sharing something new he learns each day. I foresee myself enjoying this site and attempting to find relationships for teaching chemistry.

Elizabeth Sky-Mcilvain, a retired teacher from Maine, doesn’t believe that retirement puts an educator on the back burner. She blogs on Literacy Learner about applying different resources like the iPad and The Hunger Games to all areas of education. I can’t wait to catch up on her posts and discover what I can try this upcoming year in the classroom!

Half and Half

Heather Chapman’s blog is called The Mother Tongue. Although mainly for personal enjoyment, I found her most recent post on the harvesting of her own chickens to be even more applicable to current agricultural education. She is also a novelist, past professional blogger, mother, and wife, and I look forward to keeping up with her thoughts.

Personal Pleasure

Melody Lowes is the inspiring author from Canada and primary contributor of my last two blogs I listed simply for personal enjoyment. Her first blog, Meanwhile Melody Muses, includes her numerous poetic writings.

Growing with God in my Garden is the second blog Lowes loves to maintain. Her Christian inspiration while growing beautiful plants provides a source of motivation for my future gardens. The pictures are beautiful and pages are still informative.


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  1. Wow – very cool! It’s nice to meet you, Kaleigh! Thank you for your interest in my work – that really means a lot! I am an elementary teacher so we have a few things in common. 🙂 Happy blogging!

  2. I like how you have an introductory paragraph to let the readers know about this list. Also, encouraging others to share is a great idea! I also like how you’ve separated the blogs with headings. This really helps your readers. However, be consistent with your heading format. The second and third blogs you have listed are really large compared to the others on the page. Thank you for having your links open in new windows/tabs so I can stay on your site. Thanks!

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